Why do people give gifts?

Why do people give gifts?

People give gifts on different occasions. There are many reasons why people would give gifts to others. There are many occasion which people celebrate and out of happiness they give gifts to their friends and family members. Apart from giving gifts to family members or friends there are many people who also give gifts just as a token of thanks. There are corporate gifts Singapore is famous for. Most of the companies would like to give small gifts as a vote of thanks to their clients. They may also want to give something which is used by people in their daily life. Like for example key chains. Giving small token of thanks to their clients is an indirect way of advertisement and also a marketing strategy.

The companies would emboss their company logo or the name of the company on the gift. People also give the gift as a token of appreciation. One of the best way to give a gift is to give something which is useful and which  can be used in day to day activities. People always appreciate if they get something which makes some value add. If they buy anything as if they get a small token of thankyou which can be used in daily life would be a like a remembrance. People will like to keep it as a sweet memory of the item which they brought. Life example if they buy an expensive car and if they get a key chain with the logo of the company it would be a sweet memory. People would have the key chain handy and it would just be a reminder for the individual.It would be a token of achievement of the product which they brought. Hence companies would like to give personalized gifts to their clients.

They would like their brand name to be mentioned on the gift so that people cherish the moments. Also if the name of the company is mentioned on the item then there are chances that other people would see the product and would come to know regarding the company. One of the most important thing is that the company should ensure to give a useful gift and which is of good quality. The quality of the product would represent the company’s image hence its very important to gift products which are of good material. The company will have to check out for different colours and the material of the gift so that it looks attractive.


People would like to give gift on different occasions. Even organisations may opt to give small gifts to their regular customer. If anyone buys a product from a reputed company they may be getting a small gift as a token of thank you. The company may advertise their product by mentioning the logo  on the gift.