Skill Development of Child by Education

Skill Development of Child by Education

The children development depends on biological, emotional, psychological aspects of the life which is influenced from the time of time of birth of the child. The skills development for children singapore is one which shows all aspects of the child to re-grow well natured   person in the environment.


Normally the child hood of a child is divided into three stages of the life which is childhood, middle, childhood, adolescence. The early child hood is the stage where the child is developed in significant way and many  milestones happen during this period likes  speaking the first word , learning to crawl , and standing and trying to walk . The middle child hood is one which the child will start to understand the world as they attain puberty and the child will gain the sense of self. Then come the adolescents which are like legal adult hoods this sequence of development is a predictable sequence and many influential factors affect in all the stages to child.

The child development can be through the prenatal training as the parents play a largest role in the process as the child socializes and development occurs .More number of parents influence the child to become more socialized. The quality care is also the one greatest factor for the child development. Some time child care programs are like a stepping stone to children as they increase the learning capabilities and social skills.

The development of the child is considered to be most vital to the society and they have to develop socially, emotionally, educationally  and cognitive way of the life in the children .

Some programs which will make child develop more as follows

Define and drill: In this process the child is made to memorize some list of definition or values which can give boost to the child and this list of definitions will help to develop into far more complex in making a moral

Praise and reward : This is one kind of positive reinforcement to the individuals which gives mental or moral support in which chits are given to praise the children and make them being good and the sometimes exchanged for privileges and prizes

Cheerleading :  This is one kind of motivational program in which many multicolored posters , banners , bulletin boards will be displayed which are basic feature of the month , pubic addressing with large announcements , sometimes motivational assemblies , some time fund raiser program too

Summing up:

The children development depends on biological, emotional , psychological aspects of the life which is influenced from the time of time of birth  of the child