Tips to help choose your beer at the bar

Tips to help choose your beer at the bar

The first sip of your beer must elate you and make your evening magical. If that is what you desire, you should choose the right beer. If the first sip is not pleasant your taste buds will fail to recognize any other beautiful flavor too. These days, bars have a pretty huge selection of beers. Choosing from among them is an art in itself. To choose your craft beer cocktails, read on further as we have made things easier for you by listing some tips.

  • The order of your beers:

There are many tastes and flavors in beers, some of which are very strong and some light on your taste buds. Before you start for the evening decide on the order in which you drink the beers. If you start with a strongly-flavored beer just for the enthusiasm of exploring something new, then it may affect your taste buds. You may not be able to enjoy lighter flavors after this since your tongue is already overpowered by the strength of the first beer. You can enjoy your beer only if you can appreciate its flavor. So this can limit the number of glasses for the evening. Start with an aromatic beer, something not very bitter, and then move on to stronger flavors towards the end.

  • Go with the beer list:

The first thing to choose your beer, you should ask for the beer menu list. They can provide a description of the type of beers. Don’t make the mistake of asking the service staff there who while serving guests may not be able to guide you well. The beer menu can be of good help even though you cannot know exactly how well the beer would taste.

  • Ask your bartender:

If you are not sure of the menu, ask the bartender to guide you. Craft beer cocktails bars have exhaustive menus these days. Check if the bartender has good knowledge about the varieties available. You can always talk about your tastes and preferences to the bartender so that he can understand which one to offer. No worries if you are new to the bar experience, just make sure you express this to the bartender. He would have the experience of tasting a variety of beers. To start with let him know you would prefer something less bitter.

  • Get your buddy to accompany you:

It is always fun to visit a bar with your friend. Along with a friendly chat, you get to know some new flavors through them. Instead of heading to the bar without any idea of the different beer varieties it is a good idea to go by your friend’s choice.